About Us (well me)

Hi! I’m Paula and welcome to my shop. 

So, what’s my story?

My story started many years ago when I was the diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease.

Through the years I learned different techniques to deal with my Hashimoto’s in different ways and one of the things I found was the essentials oils that are good for it. 

There are a number of essential oils that works well for the Hashimoto’s but my favourite combination was lemongrass, cinnamon and frankincense so I looked around a lot and could not find any melts with that combination.

So a few years ago I decided to go into a shop at the mall and I spent a fortune in an electrical banners (or warmers) and in a couple of wax melts. When I got home I tested all but I could not smell at all even on a small toilet.

I was really disappointed. So I started to do my own melts. 

I’m a food photographer so I’m going around to restaurants carrying a lot of gear to make their food look great.

In 2020 the coronavirus surprised. I had no income and, to add to the restrictions, my body decided to throw an extra curve ball. I got an inflammation between vertebrae on my back. That meant that all my plan of doing some portfolio photos and catch up on my photography business went out of the window, since I was not allowed to carry any weight. 

The funny thing was that I was not able to sit at my desk. I could lay down or stand up. So, I spent the first week cooking. Then, the freezer got full. Then, I decided to do more melts To make it fun I experimented with different fragrancies and tested candles. 

Since then (I know it is not that long) I felt in love with the process and the smells, and there was where Smelty was born.

I hope you like my products as much as I love making them.