Candle Safety

Candles are a popular choice for home decor, aromatherapy, and relaxation, but it is important to use them safely to prevent accidents. Here are some tips for candle safety:

  1. Keep candles away from flammable materials: This includes curtains, towels, paper, and other household items.
  2. Use candle holders: Candles should always be placed in a holder to prevent them from tipping over. Make sure the holder is stable and can’t be easily knocked over.
  3. Trim the wick: Before lighting a candle, trim the wick to about 6mm to prevent the flame from becoming too large.
  4. Don’t leave burning candles unattended: Never leave burning candles unattended, especially if there are children or pets in the home.
  5. Extinguish candles properly: To extinguish a candle, use a candle snuffer or carefully blow out the flame. Avoid using water to extinguish a candle, as this can cause the hot wax to splatter.
  6. Don’t burn candles all the way down: Leave at least 2.5cm of wax at the bottom of the candle to prevent the heat from the flame from reaching the holder.

By following these simple candle safety tips, you can enjoy the ambiance and fragrance of candles without any risk of accidents.