Finding the Perfect Candle for Your Space: A Guide to Candle Sizes and Room Sizes

When it comes to filling your home with delightful scents, size matters. Choosing the right candle size for your room can make all the difference in creating a perfectly balanced atmosphere. At Smelty, we offer a variety of candle sizes to suit every space, from cosy corners to grand living areas. Let’s explore which candle size is ideal for different room sizes.

Small Candles (60g)

Best for: Small Bathrooms, Small Bedrooms, and Office Desks

Our small 60g candles are perfect for those intimate spaces where a subtle touch of fragrance is needed. They work wonderfully in small bathrooms, cosy bedrooms, and office desks, adding just the right amount of scent without overwhelming the space. With a burn time of around 15-20 hours, these little gems are great for short, relaxing moments.

Room Size: Up to 4 square meters

Medium Candles (170g)

Best for: Bedrooms, Home Offices, and Bathrooms

The medium 170g candle is a versatile option for medium-sized rooms. Whether it’s your bedroom, home office, or bathroom, this candle size offers a balanced fragrance throw that can comfortably fill the space. With a burn time of approximately 40-50 hours, it provides long-lasting enjoyment and a welcoming aroma.

Room Size: 4-10 square meters

Large Candles (270g)

Best for: Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, and Large Bedrooms

For larger areas such as living rooms and dining rooms, our large 270g candles are the perfect choice. They have a stronger scent throw that can effectively fill more spacious environments, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. These candles have a burn time of about 60-70 hours, making them ideal for everyday use.

Room Size: 10-30 square meters

Extra Large Candles (420g)

Best for: Open Plan Areas, Large Living Rooms, and Master Bedrooms

When you need to scent open plan areas or particularly large rooms, the extra large 420g candle is your go-to. With an impressive burn time of 80-90 hours, this candle ensures that your space remains fragrant and pleasant for longer periods. Its robust scent throw can transform even the largest of spaces into a cosy retreat.

Room Size: 30-50 square meters

Jumbo Candles (1.3kg)

Best for: Very Large Spaces, Events, and Outdoor Areas

Our jumbo 1.3kg candle is the ultimate choice for very large spaces, special events, and even outdoor areas. With a staggering burn time of 200+ hours, this candle is designed to make a statement. Its powerful scent throw can easily fill expansive areas, making it perfect for hosting gatherings or adding a luxurious touch to your outdoor patio.

Room Size: 50+ square meters

Final Thoughts

Selecting the right candle size for your room is key to creating the perfect ambiance. Whether you’re looking to add a gentle fragrance to a small space or make a bold statement in a large area, Smelty has the perfect candle for you. Explore our range and find the ideal candle to enhance your home with beautiful scents.

Happy candle burning!