Mango Tango – Thai Lime & Mango – Reed Diffuser

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As you uncap the jar, the zesty and tangy aroma of Thai lime fills the air, instantly transporting you to lush orchards and sun-drenched landscapes. The vibrant lime notes awaken your senses, invigorating the atmosphere with a burst of freshness. In perfect harmony, the sweet and succulent essence of mango emerges, infusing the space with tropical bliss and a touch of indulgence.

With its carefully crafted design, the reed diffuser ensures a constant diffusion of the captivating fragrance. Each natural reed gently disperses the scent, allowing the intoxicating blend of Thai lime and mango to envelop your surroundings, creating a serene and inviting ambiance that lasts.

Housed in a 160ml amber jar, this reed diffuser not only adds a touch of elegance to your décor but also protects the fragrance from the harmful effects of light. The amber hue preserves the potency of the scent, ensuring a long-lasting and immersive olfactory experience that transports you to the sun-soaked beaches of a tropical paradise

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