São Paulo – Tobacco & Vanilla

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Sure, here are some dot points that highlight the key features of the São Paulo candle:

  • Fragrance profile features warm birch, pure vanilla, sweet tobacco blossom, crushed clove, spicy cinnamon, and warm patchouli
  • Scent notes include Green, Birchwood, Tobacco, Vanilla, Spice, and Wood
  • Reflects the vibrant and diverse culture of São Paulo, Brazil
  • Tobacco note pays tribute to the city’s history as a major producer of tobacco products
  • Vanilla note adds warmth and sweetness to the fragrance, reflecting the friendly nature of São Paulo’s people
  • Spice note nods to the city’s vibrant culinary scene, which draws on a wide range of global influences
  • Wood note pays tribute to São Paulo’s abundant natural resources, including its rich soil and dense forests
  • Captures the warmth, vibrancy, and complexity of São Paulo, making it an excellent choice for setting the mood in any room
  • Perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere for a night in or impressing guests at a dinner party
  • Luxurious addition to any space that adds a touch of Brazil to your home

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